The Keeper of The Diary – a mystical story of intrigue, passion, adventure, danger, mystery, synchronicity, love and fear.  It’s a tale of fact and fiction.  The main character is photographer, Cassie – the reluctant heroine, who finds a diary in Egypt that propels her on a journey through her darkest fears and beyond her wildest imagination. David is “the keeper of the diary,” who’s found in the Egyptian desert, suffering from amnesia.  He keeps the diary to try to remember who he is.

The Keeper of The Diary takes us on a mysterious tour of the inexplicable ancient Sacred Sites of Planet Earth. It goes back to the beginning of time – but it’s also about now.  It’s a story on the edge – a shadow play between the Light and the Dark – a story about High Magic and Deep Doubt.

The story reveals who we humans really are – where we’ve come from – and where it is we just might be headed – a story about building bridges, making choices and ultimately of healing and transformation.