Judith Diana Winston

Judith Diana Winston

Judith Diana Winston is a visionary photo-artist, writer and life mentor. Originally from the Midwest, she moved to San Francisco where she worked in the film industry as an actress and script supervisor and as a fashion photographer. She is the author of the underground classic book, “Meditative Magic–The Pleiadean Glyphs,” an inspired collection of consciousness-altering symbols. Over thirty years ago, she began a love affair with yoga and its philosophy – a passion that continues to this day.

In the 1980’s Judith Diana moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, thinking to expand her burgeoning career as a fashion photographer.  However, life seemed to have other plans for her. Through a series of unexpected events she soon found herself in Egypt studying with a well-known author, teacher, and trance medium.  A year and a half later she returned to Egypt as his staff photographer.

Following that fateful second journey a story began tugging on her sleeve – a story begging to be told.  In fact, the heart of what was to become “The Keeper of the Diary” came roaring through her in four flurry-filled days of typing while staying at a friend’s bed and breakfast in Northern California.

Thus began the ongoing process of combining her spiritual quest with her abilities as an artist and communicator. Judith Diana became obsessed with understanding mankind’s origin and destiny. She spent almost ten years visiting, photographing and learning about many of the earth’s ancient megalithic (“great stone”) sacred sites – as well as swimming with wild Dolphins. Her journeys ranged from South America, England, Scotland, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Easter Island, and the American Southwest. As she traveled, she was also drawn to research archeological texts as well as the mythology and channeled material related to these places. It was out of these various and divergent experiences, both inner and outer, that Cassie, the protagonist of “The Keeper of The Diary,” was born.

Judith Diana considers herself a Mystic and, like many others holding an expanding worldview, she believes that the entire planet is going through a dimensional shift. “When I reflect on all of my work, I see it as basically spiritual in nature.  My purpose has always been to change and elevate consciousness and to work toward healing. We are living in a time demanding that we grow in our ability to perceive both ourselves, and the world around us, in new ways. We are vibrating at a higher frequency and it’s forcing us to face our deepest fears as well as offering opportunities to realize our personal and collective dreams. As I’ve progressed on my own journey, it’s become clear that our answers lie within and that healing the ills of the planet and humanity begin with healing ourselves.”