Meditative Magic, The Pleiadean Glyphs

(As featured in The Keeper Of The Diary)

Meditative Magic - The Pleiadian GlyphsTHE PLEIADEAN (Pleiadian) GLYPHS comprise a remarkable tool for personal transformation and healing. Organized in the form of an easy to follow workbook containing a separate set of 16 Glyph meditation cards, these Glyphs are sacred geometry symbols that contain patterns of consciousness.

“There are more possible pathways in the brain than there are atoms in the Universe.” (PBS series: The Brain). As individuals, as a culture, and even as a life form we Humans utilize a relatively small part of our brain – estimations range between 5% – 20%. We are now moving into the time when it is important to awaken the other 80% – 95%.

The purpose of THE PLEIADEAN (Pleiadian) GLYPHS is to articulate those neural pathways within a particular frequency band. Using THE PLEIADEAN (Pleiadian) GLYPHS allows the “user” to experience a “meditative” or alpha state while activating the higher evolutionary frequencies. They “turn on” brain patterns that exist in potential for superior states of being and living.

For more details on the book, check out the Meditative Magic website.

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